Excavating the Iron Age Chariot

Excavating the Iron Age Chariot

31 July 2019 Off By admin

This is a project that I’ve been wanting to write about for months but have been under strict instructions not to say anything until the official press release.

Last year a metal detectorist discovered the remains of an Iron Age chariot here in Pembrokeshire. The National Museum Wales and the Dyfed Archaeological Trust set about planning and carrying out a full excavation earlier this year. Part of the plan was to involve local students to document the process and I was asked to help the students to carry this out.

The students took a lot of footage and carried out interviews with the archaeologists, engineers and conservators over the whole process of the excavation and analysis of the artefacts.

The next step is for the students to edit the footage into a film and then follow the chariot as it is presented and displayed later this year in the National Museum.