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The Weather in Fishguard

Point, the Young Person’s Trust, in Fishguard are going to start a new project next month. You may remember that earlier this year the young people embarked on a programming course using Raspberry Pi computers and plenty of tea and biscuits. Now Point are going to start monitoring the weather, downloading the meteorological  data and…

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Bendigeidfran at OrchardFest2019

The People’s Orchard is an environmental project with the aim of supporting biodiversity; promoting horticultural skills; and maintaining existing orchards. By Saturday 7th September a large number of apples had been harvested, many had been juiced and a lot had been made into cider. So what should be done with all this bounty on a…

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Scolton Manor

We’ve been working with Pembrokeshire County Council at Scolton Manor. They want to promote their educational resources as well as their ethos of enhancing wellbeing. The apple trees that you can see in the background footage from the walled garden are part of the People’s Orchard Project taking place around the county.

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Blinking LEDs!

I was at POINT in Fishguard working alongside Span Arts. I had a collection of Raspberry Pi computers and I was teaching the young people how to program. I thought that the work that I had prepared for them would be quite challenging but they sailed through it. They learned about variables and commands and how…

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The County Show

It comes around very quickly, but last week was the Pembrokeshire County Show. PLANED was there for all three days in the PAVS Community tent along with many other regional community organisations. The show is always a good opportunity to network and to meet people that you don’t normally see. It is a tough three…

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Maenclochog Pop-up Museum

The hall at Maenclochog has been hosting a ‘Picture the Past’ event where members of the community have contributed to a pictorial exhibition of times past from the local area. There were family photographs, farming images and pictures of buildings both old and new. As part of the DATRIS project, I was working with young…

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Excavating the Iron Age Chariot

This is a project that I’ve been wanting to write about for months but have been under strict instructions not to say anything until the official press release. Last year a metal detectorist discovered the remains of an Iron Age chariot here in Pembrokeshire. The National Museum Wales and the Dyfed Archaeological Trust set about…

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Bats at PLANED

The British Trust for Ornithology is running a “citizen science” project where people can borrow equipment to detect and record the bats flitting around your house overnight. I went to the Natural Resources Wales office in Haverfordwest to pick up the equipment, I brought it back to the PLANED offices and set it up. A week…

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PLANED received funding from the Rural Community Development Fund for Wales, supplemented by the DATRIS Project and the Big Lottery Fund, to develop resources and establish projects to combat poverty in rural areas. With this funding we decided to create a “mobile PLANED office” which we can be used to provide support for communities within…

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Saundersfoot Bay Heritage Trail

Take One … of the Saundersfoot Bay Coal Industry Hidden Heritage Discovery Trail movie. The DATRIS project is supporting a local heritage group who have been looking into the coal industry around Saundersfoot Bay. They have developed a very interesting walking tour of the main points of interest and would like to make a film…

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