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Community Wellbeing & Resilience (CWBR)

The DATRIS Project has made a very productive link with the CWBR Project. From the DATRIS standpoint, the CWBR link will greatly enhance the number of people, and the different groups of people, that I will be able to reach. For CWBR, DATRIS is just one more tool that they can offer to communities to…

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The Medieval Pottery Kiln

A very well-preserved medieval pottery kiln was discovered under Newport Memorial Hall. Only recently has it had the money and expertise to preserve and display it properly. I have been working with people at the hall to support them while they develop a website to showcase the kiln. The new site,, has gone live…

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Sewing in Summerhill

I went to Amroth Parish Hall in Summerhill last week to meet the ladies of the sewing group. They had been working all day and were enjoying themselves. The group meets every week on Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. There are many impressive sewing machines in use and some very fine quilting.

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Pembrokeshire Community Buildings Network

A meeting of the Pembrokeshire Community Buildings Network took place in Crundale last night. This is a joint venture run by both PLANED and PAVS to pass on information to people running halls and venues as well as providing an opportunity for them to network. I talked about the DATRIS project, specifically about the ‘pembrokeshirehalls’ website…

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Digital Discussions in Penally

This Saturday morning (24th November) I held an event in Penally Village Hall to discuss opportunities for starting information technology projects there. We had a lot to talk about and the people who attended came up with some excellent suggestions. I think some people expected that a lack of reliable internet connection would mean that…

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SCL’s Internet-enabled Door

I attended an event run by the Cardigan company, SCL Internet, at Canolfan Hermon on Tuesday 30th October to see them promoting their new system for controlling doors remotely over the internet.   Hermon is a very busy hall which is in constant use by a range of local groups and individuals. The ability to…

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American Square Dancing

They don’t seem to stop dancing in Houghton. I was in Burton Jubilee Hall once more, this time to film a Square Dancing group. Even though music was very different the level of enjoyment in the room was just the same. Once again, this was such a lot of fun to shoot … thank you…

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