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We’re ready for you Gareth

Finally, after a lot of work, the weather station is up and running and updating the website, just as Storm Gareth arrives. I have an old Oregon Scientific WMR88 which has been runnning in my back garden for a number of years now. The weather station hardware was really quite cheap and it has a…

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SCL’s Internet-enabled Door

I attended an event run by the Cardigan company, SCL Internet, at Canolfan Hermon on Tuesday 30th October to see them promoting their new system for controlling doors remotely over the internet.   Hermon is a very busy hall which is in constant use by a range of local groups and individuals. The ability to…

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Getting the levels right

I have just started to use the RØDELink wireless microphone when making short clips. The link seems to work really well however, I was disappointed with the sound quality on the recent Remakery post. I had another look at the transmitter unit and I noticed this slider switch in the battery compartment. It had been…

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