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Even More Podcasts

I realise that the last post on here was in March … but there’s been a little change in the office since then and I have found myself to be spending the majority of my time recording and publishing podcasts. It’s something that I never thought I’d be doing but I’m really quite enjoying it. During…

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Remote Podcasting

A few months ago I bought a portable sound recorder that I could take to groups and communities that weren’t able to get to the studio in the PLANED offices. On a recommendation I went for the Zoom H6 and, I must say, I don’t regret it at all. I can connect up to four…

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The PLANED Podcast

It all started with someone from an energy project (LEAF), that’s supported by PLANED, mentioning that she likes to make Podcasts and the nearest public facility for doing so is in Llanelli. Well this is a community group that needs practical IT support which is, after all, what DATRIS is all about. So over the…

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Yr Hen Ysgol

The community hall in Dinas Cross, Yr Hen Ysgol, is now back online. After a lot of wrangling with various internet companies the internet connection to the old school building has been reestablished. Yr Hen Ysgol is now hoping to provide digital support for members of the community by linking up with Point Young Persons’…

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Sport Pembrokeshire Young Ambassador Conference

Yesterday Ben and I visited Ysgol Caer Elen, the new Welsh-medium school in Haverfordwest, to deliver sessions at the Sport Pembrokeshire Young Ambassador Conference. There were nearly a hundred excitable Years Five and Six children representing schools from all around the county at the conference. We were delivering a session on how to make video…

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Third Weather Station Online

The weather station that was delivered to Point has been fixed to the wall and is now transmitting data from Fishguard. There are still a small number of minor teething problems which will be ironed out over the next few days (it wouldn’t be fun if it all went smoothly). The station has been attached…

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The Weather in Fishguard

Point, the Young Person’s Trust, in Fishguard are going to start a new project next month. You may remember that earlier this year the young people embarked on a programming course using Raspberry Pi computers and plenty of tea and biscuits. Now Point are going to start monitoring the weather, downloading the meteorological  data and…

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Scolton Manor

We’ve been working with Pembrokeshire County Council at Scolton Manor. They want to promote their educational resources as well as their ethos of enhancing wellbeing. The apple trees that you can see in the background footage from the walled garden are part of the People’s Orchard Project taking place around the county.

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Blinking LEDs!

I was at POINT in Fishguard working alongside Span Arts. I had a collection of Raspberry Pi computers and I was teaching the young people how to program. I thought that the work that I had prepared for them would be quite challenging but they sailed through it. They learned about variables and commands and how…

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Maenclochog Pop-up Museum

The hall at Maenclochog has been hosting a ‘Picture the Past’ event where members of the community have contributed to a pictorial exhibition of times past from the local area. There were family photographs, farming images and pictures of buildings both old and new. As part of the DATRIS project, I was working with young…

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