Haverfordwest Leisure Centre

Haverfordwest Leisure Centre

18 May 2021 Off By admin

I spent the bulk of the day today at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre meeting the staff and customers to record two separate podcast episodes for the Pembrokeshire Wellbeing Podcast.

The first session was on the climbing wall. I spoke to the lead instructor, Liz Collyer, about the benefits of climbing and she showed me the facilities that we have here in Haverfordwest. I have never been on a climbing wall before (to be honest, I’ve never had the urge to do so) and I’ve certainly never recorded a podcast several metres above the ground.

But that’s what I did.

I recorded the audio on the Zoom H6 as I normally do. I gave Liz a wired lavalier microphone, because she was staying on the ground, I wore a wireless one so that I could record myself as I ascended the face of the climbing wall. The technology worked pretty well actually, I seem to be learning all the time when it comes to recording podcast episodes.

I had to learn some new techniques when I came to edit the audio as well. The climbing wall at Haverfordwest is in a large hall with lots of echo and a set of very noisy fans set into the ceiling. Normally I try to remove echo and outside noise by recording in a nice, comfortable studio. This wasn’t an option today so I had to delve into the intricacies of Adobe Audition to remove the extra noise.

Back at the Leisure Centre though I had a few minutes to recover from the climbing wall before joining the Gentle Circuits class with Joanne Barrett. I was looking forward to a relaxing session – how wrong I was! I found out that I no longer have any coordination; that I still can’t use a hula hoop and that I’m not nearly as fit as I thought I was. But I enjoyed the class and I recorded a chat with Joanne and three of her class in the noisy foyer of the Leisure Centre straight after.

It was a fun, exhausting day and I thoroughly enjoyed recording the podcast episodes on-site.