The PLANED Podcast

The PLANED Podcast

9 December 2019 Off By admin

It all started with someone from an energy project (LEAF), that’s supported by PLANED, mentioning that she likes to make Podcasts and the nearest public facility for doing so is in Llanelli. Well this is a community group that needs practical IT support which is, after all, what DATRIS is all about. So over the last few months I have been setting up a small studio that communities can use for recording high quality audio.

Well once the studio was in place I needed to learn how to record and edit audio and then to learn about podcasting. I know that I learn best by doing so I decided to set up my own podcast … the PLANED Podcast.

There are so many stories around PLANED and the projects that we’re involved with that a podcast seems to be such an obvious thing to have anyway. It means that the projects can have a voice (in either English or Welsh) which presents the more human side of their work: talking to and about the people involved.

On top of this, it’s a medium that is accessible without having to look at a web page or details on a piece of paper.

Last week Gitti Coats from HaverHub was kind enough to come to PLANED and record an interview for our very first podcast. Well, I say interview, it was much more of a chat … and that’s the nice thing about podcasting, I’ve realised that the informality of the process is actually its main strength. But you can decide for yourself …